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Manfield Coatings Company Limited was founded in Hong Kong since 1986, which specializes in manufacturing industrial coatings. Our specialties include stoving enamels, one-pack plastic coatings, two-pack polyurethane coatings, two-pack silicone acrylic coatings, soft touch coatings, UV curing coatings, waterborne coatings, tampo ink, silk-screen ink, powder coatings and can coatings.  These coatings are applicable to a wide range of products including toys, 3C (Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronics), household appliances, automotive interior decoration, lightings, equipments, packaging container, etc. Our product quality meets world-class safety standards and environmental regulations.

To cope with rapid economic development in mainland China, Manfield established its subsidiary factories at Songgang Shenzhen, Zengcheng Guangzhou, Wujin Changzhou and Viet Nam. By utilizing the production lines and facilities of different production sites, we provide high quality customized coating and professional technical service to cater relative short production cycle of our customers in south and east China. In addition, responding to the rapid growth of markets such as kitchenwares and mobile phones, we set up a joint venture company CM Holding Limited with Cashew Japan, enabling contribution of  their attitude of collaboration and efficiency to serve our customers.

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