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In 1980s, when Mr. Yuen Shu Wah, one of the founders of Manfield Group, took the train passing by a suburban area in Tianjin, he saw a large piece of barren land. Touched by the scene, the idea of doing something for the country came into his mind. With the support and encouragement of many caring people, Gratia Foundation Limited ("Gratia") was established in 1999 and registered as a non-profit making charitable organization in Hong Kong. Gratia has also registered as an overseas NGO in China since 2017. Being a platform of care and love, Gratia aims to serve the disadvantaged people in China, especially deprived children through Children Homes and education scheme, making a change in their lives and providing them with a better future.

Gratia Foundation Limited

Telephone:+852 3579 2864

Wechat : HKGFD2018


Website : https://gratia.org.hk

Address:Room V, 9/F, Valiant Industrial Centre, 2-12 Au Pui Wan Street, Fotan, N.T. Hong Kong

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