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We respect opinions from employees, encourage independent thinking and inter-departmental communication. By providing an energetic working environment to enhance the potential of employees while their contribution will be recognized and rewarded. We offer challenging career development for potential employee with excellent performance.

We also introduce the modern human resource management methods. Through establishment of competency model, talent assessment and training plan, these help the fast growth of those key position employees, leading to the consistency of employee career development and corporate growth.



We treat our employees as the most important resource. By providing multi-directional and levels of training courses, opportunities to apply their knowledge, professional skills and competence can be enhanced. We also encourage continual education by providing allowance after course completion.

1Staff Training
Human Resource Department will develop a corporate training plan at the beginning of the year. The staff training every month will provide a wide range of knowledge including work attitude, quality management, safety and health.
2Management Training
We emphasize the improvement in competency of our senior management, which includes management knowledge, skills, philosophy and thinking process. Such training is self-developed to apply the knowledge learnt to solve the problems faced in our company while also includes some life concepts.
3External Training
According to the request of employees and departments, Human Resources will look for some training resources to meet the external training demand from employees.

We ensure our competitiveness of our remuneration by establishing job position evaluation and competency model.


Insurance Protection: endowment insurance, medical insurance , accident insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance and housing accumulation fund.

Holidays & Leave: work leave, annual leave, special leave and statutory holidays, such as injury leave , marriage leave , maternity leave, paternity leave.

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