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Desertification Control Project

Extreme weather condition happened all over the world, the effect of global warming has become more and more obvious. Environmental protection is getting more and more important nowadays. But long before people have the awareness of environmental protection, the land had already gone through desertification because of excessive husbandry and cutting down trees which resulted in over 4 billion dollar losses. Right now, there are 110 countries that are under densification threats which is the main reason of hunger and poverty as well as sand storms. The most effective way should be reforestation which turns deserts into greenlands.

In April 2006, Mr Yuen Shu Wah, one of the founders of Manfield Group, noticed from a news article that Mr Liu Bao Chuan from Ni Xia Qingtongxia cannot continue his project on desertification due to the bankruptcy. Mr Yuen thought it would be regrettable if someone devoted to desertification was given up due to shortage of fund, so he initiative to invest one million Hong Kong dollars and established a joint venture company“Gratia Reforestation Limited”(華恩山川林牧有限公司) in Ningxia.In 2011, Mr. Yuen Shu Wah invested and established a new company “Alxa League Springfield Forest Limited”to contribute his effort to desertification. The company started the construction of non-commercial forest project in Alxa League, Inner Mongolia in Jul. 2011, planning to plant trees of 30,000 mu.

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